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Customers & Testimonials

Major Companies


Major Technical High Schools/Colleges





Major Companies:

  • BP
  • Chevron
  • Cosmo Oil Company
  • ExxonMobil
  • Flint Hill Resources / Koch Petroleum
  • Husky Oil
  • Idemitsu Kosan
  • Ineos
  • JGC Corporation
  • Koa Oil Company
  • Lyondell Chemical Company
  • Lyondell-Bassel
  • Mitsubishi Chemical
  • Petroplus
  • Shell
  • Singapore Refining Co
  • UOP
  • Valero Refining
  • Westlake Chemicals
  • Williams Olefins




Major Technical High Schools/Colleges:

  • DelCastle Technical High School, USA
  • Linden High School, USA
  • Milby High School, USA
  • St. Charles Parish School, USA


  • ADNOC Technical Institute, UAE
  • Al-Jubail Industrial College, Saudi Arabia
  • Alvin Community College, USA
  • Arabic Academy of Science and Tech, Egypt
  • Bellingham Technical College, USA
  • College of the Mainland, USA
  • IMCO, Oman
  • INSTEP, Petronas Corporate Training Center, Malaysia
  • Institute of Technical Education ( ITE ), Singapore
  • Los Medanos College, USA
  • Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore
  • New Brunswick Community College, Canada
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore
  • Politeknik Kuching, Malaysia
  • Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore
  • STC-Group, Netherland
  • Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore




“We got more than we expected from EnVision in product and services. Utilizing the dynamic simulator to train our control operators and head operators definitely gave us an advantage to starting up this new revamped unit. It added tremendous value and was a big confidence booster to our operators in being able to train on a realistic system and go through different situations to better understand what the unit was going to do. The simulator was and is a great tool to better train all of our control operators as they come from the field into the control room.”

- FCC Operators Rep., U.S. Refinery


“Our operators are very happy with the simulators that you’ve installed and are now running the program four hours a day, from Monday to Saturday. Congratulations….This is a modern way of learning, more and more embedded in colleges and schools. There is also interest in EnVision modules at our apprenticeship centers.”

- Instructor, Petrochemical Company


“We had two board operator candidates that went through the tutorials and then I gave them a couple of exercises on the distillation simulator. They did very well and both gave it very high reviews. I was able to determine their level of troubleshooting abilities by how they reacted on the simulator. Our OSB (Board Operator) Development Group agrees that this is an excellent way to establish pre-qualification for board operators.”

- Instructor, U.S. Refinery


“In EnVision we have found a suitable product, which is cost effective, does not require special hardware, is intuitive and best of all is customized to the way our DCS graphics look to the operator. The dynamic response of the model is so close to reality that it is scary!”

- Ethylene Engineer, U.S. Aromatics Plant


“From the simple simulation of the distillation column to the more intricate RCCU model, the simulator should become one of our most valued training tools. Operators with minimum experience could utilize the simulator to get a better understanding of basic process variables and equipment without having to worry about causing upsets; and new or experienced operators can happily make adjustments to see ramifications without the normal costs. The simulator was realistic and had outcomes I would expect to see on an actual plant.” 

- Operations Learning Coordinator, Australian Refinery


“The computer-based learning (CBL) proved to be a very good tool for training operators on the basic processes and equipment….For a new operator, it will be of great assistance in understanding the various refining processes from a generic point of view. For a panel operator candidate, it is a good system to learn the basic operation of a DCS system before being introduced to the actual DCS in the refinery. The simulator packages are very realistic, mimic the functions of our existing panels and provide an important fillip currently not available for our panel training.”

- Instructor, Australian Refinery


“The simulator is very flexible, cost-effective, user friendly, and allows us to multi-purpose its use in self-study and instructor-led courses. It is intuitive and does not require any special or expensive hardware. We have created a variety of instructor/facilitator guides specific to the audience and objectives we are attempting to achieve. The tutorials are another excellent product and are conducive to the different learning styles of our learners.”

- Training Consultant, U.S. Educational Institution

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