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Products Overview


EnVision has two training products for refineries and petrochemical plants:

  • Tutorial/Computer Based Training (CBT)
    Our multimedia based self-paced tutorials teach the fundamentals of various unit operations, process units and process control.
    Tutorial Sample

    Click on the image above to view a sample tutorial
    Our tutorials are modular and self-paced; they fit any work schedule or training environment.

    Tutorials are available in English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Spanish and Swedish. Tutorials permit both self-teaching and instructor-led training.

  • Simulation
    Our PC-based real-time dynamic operator training simulator (OTS) models allow trainees to practice startup, shutdown, normal operations, recovery from malfunctions and other unit operations. They learn diagnostic and troubleshooting skills that transfer directly to the real plant.

    Our models accommodate both self-teaching and instructor-led training. The standalone version of the simulation is ideal for self-teaching. The instructor-trainee version also allows the instructor to introduce faults in the simulator and monitor trainee actions. Two or more trainees can cooperate with each other to troubleshoot, diagnose and take corrective actions. With two versions to choose from, EnVision has the flexibility you need for your training program and your trainees.

    Simulations are available in metric and English units and in English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish. Displays and instrumentation are based on a generic DCS.


The tutorials and simulations match each other in content and approach; and the simulations build on the information in the tutorials. The result is more effective learning and faster training.


Our tutorials and simulations run on a standard PC, using a Microsoft Windows operating system, for easy setup and cost-effective training over the long term.

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