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Ethylene Refrigeration


Envision Systems Ethylene Refrigeration Unit SimulationCopyright © 2009 by EnVision Systems Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

Ethylene Refrigeration Unit Simulation

The Ethylene Refrigeration Unit simulation is a rigorous and high-fidelity mathematical process model that provides a realistic dynamic response for an ethylene refrigeration unit in an ethylene plant.

Process Overview:

The ethylene refrigeration unit is an integral part of the ethylene plant and helps in cooling various process streams. The ethylene refrigeration unit uses ethylene as a refrigerant. It has three stages of refrigeration. Three levels of cooling at different pressures handle the cooling requirements in various sections of the plant. The process streams that are cooled by the refrigeration unit include the charge gas and demethanizer feed streams.

Major Sections:

  • Three Stage Vapor Compression Section
  • Vapor Cooling and Condensation Section
  • Refrigeration Section


Major Operations for Trainee Practice:

  • Startup and Shutdown Operations
  • Normal Operations
  • Emergency Shutdown Operations
  • Troubleshooting Equipment, Instrument and Control Valve Malfunctions
  • Malfunction Recovery Actions


Simulation Features:

  • Detailed Multi-Streams Heat Exchanger Calculations
    • Off-Gas Exchangers
    • Ethane/Ethylene Rundown Chiller
  • Effect of Molecular Weights on Compressor Performance
  • Interlock/Safeguard System
  • Display of Dynamic Compressor Performance Curves
  • Plant Alert and Monitor
  • Surging
  • High Vibration
  • Safety Valve
  • High Bearing Temperature
  • Air Lock In Filter
  • Low Lube Oil Temperature
  • Equipment Details
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