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Simulations Overview

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EnVision’s Simulations: Virtual Operating Experience/Real-Life Skills 

Your trainee operators and engineers need skills that transfer immediately to refinery and petrochemical plant operations.


EnVision’s simulation models are designed to match our tutorials in content and approach. Every model is based on DCS generic instruments and graphic displays. Knowledge transfer is fast and thorough from tutorial to simulation to the real world.

Consistency and Structure…

Simulation training prepares trainees to handle normal operations, startup, shutdown and malfunctions. EnVision’s Simulation Administrator (SimAdmin), a Learning Management System (LMS), tracks their progress.

Support for the Way Your Trainees Learn…

Your operators and engineers learn with your choice of:

  • Training method: Self-paced or instructor-led for multiple trainees in a classroom
  • Implementation: Standalone or Instructor-Trainee mode
  • Content: Simulation only or integrated tutorial & simulation
  • Units: English or metric
  • Languages: English, French, German, Dutch and Spanish


Trainees develop reasoning skills, see cause and effect relationships in action and improve troubleshooting skill

Training Features:

  • Simulation control with pause, resume and accelerated mode
  • Multiple initial conditions
  • Snapshots
  • User changeable battery limits
  • Equipment and instrument malfunctions
  • User configuration scenarios (pre-programmed malfunctions)
  • On-line help
  • User log
  • Warning for abnormal conditions
  • Stream/lab summary and analyses
  • Extensive printing and logging features

DCS-like Generic Instrument and Graphic displays:

  • Process graphics
  • Alarm summary
  • Instrument groups
  • Historical trends
  • Pop-up instruments


  • Lessons delivered on Tutorials/CBTs
  • Startup and shutdown operating procedures 
  • Normal and emergency operating procedures
  • Troubleshooting
  • Controller tuning

Unique Internal Process Information:

  • Tray details with animation
  • Burner details with flame color and length
  • Compressor performance curves
  • Tower temperature/composition profiles
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