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Amine Unit

Amine Unit Tutorial


Amine Unit Simulation



Envision Systems Amine Unit TutorialCopyright © 2009 by EnVision Systems Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

 Amine Unit Tutorial


The interactive Amine Unit tutorial provides an overview, fundamental principles, control principles and operating principles for an amine unit consisting of low-pressure and high-pressure absorbers, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) contactor and amine stripper/regenerator, using voice, video, animation and graphics. The topics covered are:


  • Introduction
  • Importance of the Amine Unit
  • Process Overview
  • Process Safety    

Amine Unit Components   

  • Introduction
  • Amine Solutions    
  • Sour Gas Knock-Out Drum
  • Amine Absorbers
  • Sweet Gas Knock-Out Drum    
  • LPG Contactors
  • Rich-Amine Flash Drum
  • Rich/Lean Amine Heat Exchanger
  • Amine Stripper
  • Lean-Amine Storage Tank
  • Amine Filters and Lean-Amine Cooler

Principles of Amine Units

  • Acid Gas Removal at Amine Absorbers    
  • Acid Gas Removal at LPG Contactors
  • Amine Regeneration

Key Controlled and Operating Variables

  • Introduction    
  • Amine Concentration
  • Amine Solution Circulation Rate
  • Absorber Performance    
  • LPG Contactors
  • Amine Stripper Performance
  • Safety Systems

Startup Operation

  • New or Repaired Equipment Preparation    
  • Purging
  • Amine Solution Preparation
  • Amine Circulation and Warm-up
  • Introduction of Sour Gas
  • Line-Out and Monitoring
  • Routine Checks    

Shutdown Operation

  • Stop Sour Gas to Absorbers
  • Drain Amine Solution
  • Prepare Equipment for Entry


  • Poor Absorber Performance    
  • Foaming and Flooding
  • Poor Stripper Performance
  • High Amine Solution Losses
  • Degradation of Amine Solution
  • Hydrocarbons in Acid Gas
  • High Corrosion Rate
  • Equipment Leakage
  • Equipment Fouling

Envision Systems Amine Unit Simulation Copyright © 2009 by EnVision Systems Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.

Amine Unit Simulation

The Amine Unit simulation is a rigorous and high-fidelity mathematical process model that provides a realistic dynamic response for an amine treating unit.

Process Overview:

The amine treating unit primarily removes hydrogen sulfide (H2S) contained in gas and liquid streams from various process units and sends the concentrated H2S to the sulfur recovery unit to convert it to elemental sulfur. Here the amine treating unit uses diethanolamine (DEA) as the absorbent.



Major Sections:

  • LP and HP Amine Absorbers
  • LPG Contactor
  • Rich Amine Flash Drum
  • Amine Stripper/Regenerator
  • Lean Amine Storage Tank
  • Amine Filters and Coolers


Major Operations for Trainee Practice:

  • Startup Operations
  • Shutdown Operations
  • Normal Operations
  • Emergency Shutdown Operations
  • Troubleshooting Equipment, Instrument and Control Valve Malfunctions
  • Malfunction Recovery Actions


Simulation Features:

  • LP/HP Absorbers and Stripper Flooding
  • LP/HP Absorbers and Stripper Foaming
  • Amine Stripper Tray Plugging
  • Effect on Absorption in LP & HP Absorbers
    • Absorber Pressure
    • Lean Amine Temperature
    • Lean Amine Flow
    • Lean Amine Concentration
    • Lean Amine Mole Loading
    • Sour Gas Acid Gas Content
    • Lean Amine-Sour Gas Differential Temperature
  • LPG Contactor Features
    • Interface Level Effect on Absorption
    • Liquid-Liquid Absorption
    • Flashing of LPG
  • Hydrocarbon Carryover into Amine Stripper
  • Rich/Lean Amine Exchanger Tube Leak
  • Interlock/Safeguard System


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