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Boiler Tutorial


Boiler Simulation


 Envision Systems Boiler TutorialCopyright © 2009 by EnVision Systems Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.


Boiler Tutorial


The interactive Boiler tutorial provides an overview, fundamental principles, control principles and operating principles for a forced draft, drum-type steam utility boiler, using voice, video animation and graphics. The topics covered are:


  • Introduction
  • Applications of Boiler
  • Types of Boiler

Boiler Components   

  • Introduction
  • Deaerator and Feedwater System    
  • Drum, Water Circulation and Heating System
  • Superheater and Heat Recovery System
  • Combustion System    
  • Draft System
  • Steam Distribution System

Boiler Performance

  • Introduction    
  • Burner Characteristics
  • Combustion Air
  • Damper and Air Registers
  • Fuel Characteristics   

Boiler Control System

  • Introduction    
  • Three-Element Feedwater Control
  • Steam Temperature Control
  • Steam Pressure Control    
  • Fuel Control
  • Total Calorie Control
  • Combustion Air Control
  • Oxygen Control
  • Cross Limit Control

Boiler Trips and Interlocks

  • Introduction    
  • Trip Logic
  • Purge Logic

Basic Operations

  • Pre-Startup
  • Startup
  • Shutdown
  • Post Shutdown

Normal Operations

  • Introduction    
  • Effect of Load Change on Pressure
  • Effect of Load Change on Level

Emergency Operations

  • Introduction
  • Low Steam Drum Level
  • Rupture of Heating Tubes
  • Flame Out of All Burners

Other Operating Considerations

  • Introduction    
  • Combustion Conditions
  • Water Leakage
  • Soot Deposits
  • Measurement Errors


 Envision Systems Boiler SimulationCopyright © 2009 by EnVision Systems Inc. All rights reserved worldwide.


Boiler Simulation

The Boiler simulation is a rigorous and high-fidelity mathematical process model that provides a realistic dynamic response for a forced draft drum-type steam utility boiler.

Process Overview:

The drum-type steam utility boiler is widely used in oil refinery and petrochemical plants for steam generation.

The boiler unit consists of the following major systems: feed water system, fuel system, burners, boiler system with 3 steam headers, and draft system.

Major Operations for Trainee Practice:

  • Startup and Shutdown Operations
  • Normal Operations
  • Emergency Shutdown Operations
  • Troubleshooting Equipment, Instrument and Control Valve Malfunctions
  • Malfunction Recovery Actions


Simulation Features:

  • Simulation of Drum Shrink-and-Swell Phenomena
  • Burner Flame Out and Unstable Flame Conditions
  • Variable Fuel Characteristics and Heating Values
  • Detailed Radiation and Convection Section Heat Transfer Simulation   
  • Boiler Master Control with Lead/Lag Controls
  • Purging Logic
  • Interlock/Safeguard System
  • Plant Alert and Monitor
    • Abnormal Ignition
    • Black Smoke in Stack
    • Explosive Situation
  • Equipment Details
  • Stoichiometric Combustion Model
  • Effect of Atomizing Steam
  • Dynamic Display of Flame Color and Length


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