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Cooling Tower

 Envision Systems Cooling Tower Simulation

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Cooling Tower Simulation

The Cooling Tower simulation is a rigorous and high-fidelity mathematical process model that provides a realistic dynamic response for a cooling tower.

Process Overview:

The cooling tower consists of a single cell provided with two induced draft fans at the top of the tower. The "return water" which comes from the cooling water users is at a higher temperature; it enters the cooling water return header and is sprayed downwards through the cell in a counter-current flow to the upward draft of air. The water is cooled by evaporation and by sensible heat exchange with the air. The cooled water from the cold well is then pumped to the cooling water users.

A level controller is provided in the cold well, which maintains the level by adjusting the intake of the treated water (makeup water). To reduce the total dissolved solids (TDS) in cooling water, a blowdown line is provided at the discharge of the cooling water supply pump. The pH of the cold well water is maintained in an acceptable range by addition of acid and ammonia.

Major Operations for Trainee Practice:

  • Startup and Shutdown Operations
  • Normal Operations
  • Troubleshooting Equipment, Instrument and Control Valve Malfunctions
  • Malfunction Recovery Actions


Simulation Features:

  • Effect of Changes in Air Flow
  • Effect of Changes in Ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Effect of Changes in Cooling Water Heat Load
  • Effect of Blowdown Flow
  • Effect of Contamination
  • Effect of Windage Losses


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