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Software/Hardware for Simulation


Software/Hardware for Standalone Tutorials


Software/Hardware for Web-Based Tutorials and Web Tutorials/Simulation Admin.


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Software/Hardware for Simulation

The simulator comes in two versions:


    1. Standalone version runs on a single PC and is ideal for self-paced training.


Envision Systems Standalone Software/Hardware

Standalone Simulator with One or Two Monitors


     2. Instructor-Trainee version runs with two or more PCs and supports instructor-led training and testing.

         The Instructor uses one PC, while the other PCs are used as trainee or operating consoles. For example,

         the instructor introduces faults in the simulator from the instructor PC; the trainees use the other PCs to

         cooperatively troubleshoot, diagnose and take corrective actions.



Instructor Station         Trainee/Operator Station with One or Two Monitors


Software Requirements for Simulation: Microsoft's Windows 2000, XP or Vista

General Hardware Requirements for Simulation: The simulator uses industry standard, Intel based PCs and Microsoft’s operating system. Purchase and maintenance by your IT Group are easy.

  • Intel based Multimedia personal computers, 600 MHz or higher. EnVision will help you choose the correct speed requirements for the type of simulation model.   

  • 1 GB RAM, 2 GB RAM preferable

  • Hard disk space: Total of 1 GB free

  • 4 MB graphics video RAM to support 1024 * 768 screen resolution in high color mode. 

         Note: For a dual-monitor configuration, the PC should have a dual-monitor video graphics card.

  • 17”, 19" or 20” color monitor that supports 1024X768 screen resolution in high color (16-bit color) mode.

         Note: A 19” or 20” color monitor is preferable. A dual-monitor configuration requires at least two monitors for each PC.

  • High speed Ethernet Card (10/100 MBPS)

  • Sound card and speakers and/or headphones.


Software/Hardware for Standalone Tutorials

File Server with Database File

Software Requirements: Microsoft's Windows 2000, XP or VISTA.

Hardware Requirements: Industry standard Intel based PCs.

  • Hard disk space: Total of 2.0 GB free

  • Sound card, speakers and/or headphones.


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Software/Hardware for Web-Based Tutorials and Web Tutorial/Simulation Admin.


MS SQL Database Server

Requirements for IIS Web Server:

  • Window 2000/2003 Server or Window 2000/XP Professional with IIS
  • Microsoft  DOT NET Framework V 1.1 or above
  • MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Component ) V 2.5 or above
  • Hard disk space: Total of 2 GB free


Requirements for the SQL Database Server:

  • SQL Server 2000

Requirements for Client Browser:

  • Windows 2000, XP or VISTA

  • MS Internet Explorer ( IE-V-6.0 or above )

  • Adobe Shockwave Player

  • Adobe Flash Player

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