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Tutorial Overview

01_Tutorial_Distillation_De.jpg 02_Tutorial_Compressor.jpg 03_Tutorial_Furnace.jpg 04_Tutorial_Boiler_Utility.jpg 05_Tutorial_AmineUnit.jpg 06_Tutorial_Pumps.jpg 07_Tutorial_CDU.jpg 08_Tutorial_HCU_Hydrocracke.jpg 09_Tutorial_HDS_Diesel.jpg 10_Tutorial_FCC.jpg 11_Tutorial_Reformer_FixedB.jpg 12_Tutorial_SRU.jpg 13_Tutorial_AcetyleneConver.jpg 14_Tutorial_BasicControl.jpg 15_Tutorial_AdvanceProcessC.jpg
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EnVision’s Tutorials/CBTs: Knowledge Transfer at its Best

Take control of your training costs and environment with EnVision’s structured, focused, interactive, multimedia tutorials/CBTs for refineries, petrochemical plants and process control.

Tutorial Sample

Click on the image above to view a sample tutorial

Self-Paced Learning…

EnVision’s tutorials explain the principles of process operations step-by-step, with videos, voice, animations and graphics that motivate learning. Guided by the multimedia demonstrations and voice-overs, trainee operators and engineers work at their own pace, moving from basic unit operations to complex processes, including startup, shutdown, normal operations and troubleshooting. Built-in review quizzes and optional pre-tests and post-tests measure their grasp of the material, while the Learning Management System monitors their performance.


Trainees learn how to analyze why events happen, grasp complex cause and effect relationships within a process and develop a mental model of the process. They receive immediate feedback through test scores.

Reduced Costs…

Your training costs drop because:

  • EnVision’s animations, voice-over explanations and quizzes reduce the instructor’s teaching load.
  • Training modules are discrete and self-paced; hence trainees spend less time away from the control room.
  • With their grounding in process knowledge and operating principles, trainees are fully prepared for EnVision’s simulation models.

Support for Your Training Environment and Trainees…

Trainees learn with your choice of:

  • Training method: Self-paced or instructor-led for multiple-trainees in a classroom
  • Content: Tutorial only or integrated tutorial & simulation
  • Languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Spanish and Swedish
  • Implementation: On standard PCs as standalone application or Web-based e-Learning
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